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Welcome to the I.F.T.

A group of diverse volunteers working together on projects around the Experimental Arts: the intersection of Art, Technology and Culture.

A few of our Programs:

BurningSnow Center for the Experimental Arts

A 1600 sq. ft. space located in Milwaukee, WI. It serves as a hub for events, performances, classes, livestreams, and as a build space for art projects.
Home to five Honorarium art pieces developed for the Burning Man Project.

Snowflake Village at Burning Man

Our home away from home. Every year since 2000 we take our creations to the barren Black Rock Desert, where creations and persons alike are put to the ultimate test.

Brain Box Television

A mix of original comedy sketches, music, interviews, and documentary coverage of unique art events from around the world.
Originally only seen on Milwaukee cable television, content from the 217 episodes is gradually shifting to our YouTube channel.

Future project 1

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Future Project 2

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This will be cool

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we strive to be radically inclusive. Many of our physical events, however, are in and around Wisconsin, USA, although you may be able to join us virtually.

As an all-volunteer supported organization, any donation of time, money or supplies will be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, we do not.

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