BurningSNOW interiorBurningSNOW Center for the Experimental Arts
2578 North Weil Street, Milwaukee WI 53212 USA. ph. (414) 562-3740

The BurningSNOW Center is located in an 1500 square-foot live/work facility in Riverwest, Milwaukee. We facilitate the creation and display of works of experimental art, broadly defined as the intersection of technology, arts, and culture.
We serve as a nexus for the growing experimental arts community, with weekly meetings, Build Parties, and open house events. People of all backgrounds and skill levels work side-by-side on imaginative projects that require all their talents.
We foster an atmosphere of de-commodification, where ideas are freely shared, removed from any pressures of vending, advertising, or commercial sponsorship. We maintain close ties to the Burning Man Project and follow their Ten Principles as a model for successful promotion of innovation through the Experimental Arts.

some projects created through the CENTER:

IMG_0672“Stone of Rome,” an interactive talking disk commissioned for Burning man 2010




“Talking Voting Booth,” a voice-interface voting booth commissioned for Burning Man 2008
Iowa University Corn Woman 02


“Corn Woman,” a talking computerized corn-human hybrid commissioned for Burning Man 2007





“Voices in my Head,” multiple talking computerized faces

2013 October WI Decomp 01commissioned for Burning Man 2005

Golden Electric Surfboard
Self-Erasing Graffiti Wall
The “Labiarinth”
Levitating Illuminating Sphere
Self-Changing Paintings
Variable-Transparency Clothing
Alternative Energy Systems
Advanced Temporary Structures
Portable Laser-beam Fireplace
Clock Hat
Laser Beam Eyewear
Vortex-Ring Projector

Membership at THE CENTER:

Membership fees at the center are $10 per quarter. Membership is also included in the entry fee to our quarterly events.

Some activities at THE CENTER:

• Public Orientations held the first Sunday of each month at 7pm.

• Member Open House held on the second, third, and fourth Sundays of the month at 7pm. These include build parties, classes, dinners, and organizational meetings.

• Special classes available in soundscaping, basic programming, interactivity in artworks, fire art, and others.

• Quarterly Participatory Events allow members to display their most innovative pieces.

• Traveling artists and show, have included the Tiny Invisibility Circus from New Orleans, artist Nick Kane, and others.

• Includes a 600 square foot main display room, offices, meeting areas, storerooms and workshops. The space can be easily reconfigured for different events and uses.