Milwaukee Spark Film Event

We sponsored the showing of the movie: Spark, a Burning Man Story at the Southgate Cinema on 10/16/2014.

Income: 80 tickets to the SPARK movie were sold through Tugg at $13.50 each. $1080 total.
We suposedly get 5% of that back as a promoter’s fee, or a whopping 54 bucks coming back to the Institute for Thought, Inc.
Payment is due to arrive in mid-November.

However, with just minutes left in the sale, we had to buy eight tickets to squeeze past the ticket threshold. We managed to re-sell two of them at the event, but we still ate the cost of 6 unused tickets. 6 tickets at $13.50 is $81.

Net Event Reciepts:
$54.00 from Tugg, $27 from selling two tickets at the door. Total $81.00
Net Event Expenses: (buying 6 unused tickets) $81.00
Net Event Profit of $0.00.

What’s the chance of that? We hit that big zero exactly on the head this time. Making us pleased to announce, that at least it didn’t cost us anything to bring the Spark movie to Milwaukee. And it seemed to do a lot of good, we saw many new faces in the audience, did some Q and A, and of course the movie itself was fantastic.

Report from Eric Griswold, President, Institute for Thought Inc.

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