2015 Mardi Gras Parade

Thank You to everyone who came out to our world-famous, one-of-a-kind, duplicated-nowhere, utterly-unique-and-fantastic Mardi Gras Parade!
Mardis Gra NewWe started out at Milwaukee’s Uptowner where the owner very kindly made a special king cake for the crowd, complete with the baby hidden inside, for some lucky participant to discover, which someone did! We then put on our beads and costumes, lit up our fire tools and marched down the street to The Bremen Cafe, hootin’ and hollerin’ all the way. After decking out the Poodle that was walking around the bar with some colorful beaded necklaces, we had a couple of drinks and then bundled up once again to parade to our next stop, The Milwaukee Beer Bistro for some great Hurricane drinks. We had pretty good weather for this parade – it was cold, but not windy, which is great when you’re spinning fire. Cars honked at us, people leaned out their windows and came outside to see what all the yelling was about and then yelled back at us. We were celebrating Mardi Gras, I don’t know what they were doing, probably telling us to shut up. Anyway, on we went to our final destination, MG_02Linneman’s, where our favorite Mardi Gras band greeted us with horns a-blowin’ and a washboard rat-a-tat-tattin’! MG_01
Sigmund Snopek puts on a terrific Mardi Gras show. I love trying to do my Cajun jig, which is half hillbilly stompin’, half Polka.
A couple more drinks later, it was time to kill the old Winter King and Welcome the New Spring Royalty. The ceremony was moving, beautiful, and quite violent. There were speeches, melodramatic playacting, raw emotions, knife-wielding, and finally Spring is on its way! Hip Hip Hooray!MG_04
Next year, we may up the ante and make our parade a bigger event…or we may chuck it in favor of something completely different. Who knows? Maybe you do! Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see…another Wisconsin Burner Mardi Gras or an alternative celebration, we’re open to new ideas.MG_03
Don’t forget our Monthly Meeting March 22, 2015, 7 pm at the Burning Snow Center. for the Experimental Arts, 2578 N. Weil Street, Milwaukee, 53212.
Stop by if you have questions about the recent ticket sale, or need help with your pre-playa planning for survival or art creation. Any topic that’s related to Burning Man is welcome. And maybe some topics that aren’t related to Burning Man, let’s see whatcha got!
Marilyn Besasie
Eric B. Griswold

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