2014 Maker Faire

Wisconsin – Maker Faire 2014

Here we are at the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center, the Maker Faire is on! We set up our booth and filled it with art that we created especially for Burning Man. We had the movie trailer for “SPARK: A Burning Man Story” playing on our computer, and we showed off the Theremin Whale, Corn Woman, the PVC Quad Bike, the Golden Electric Surfboard, and the Laser Aurora.Sunday Don Marilyn Eric MakerFaire

Below: Don Unverrich, Marilyn Besasie (aka Russian Wulfgar) and Eric Griswold (aka Lord Niacin).

We spoke to hundreds of people, the place was packed on Saturday and Sunday. We ran out of SPARK flyers on Saturday and had to print up more for Sunday. We signed up lots of people to our Announce List, and met many people who had either never heard of Burning Man, but found the concept interesting, and people who had heard of Burning Man and said it was on their bucket list. We described the ideas behind Burning Man, especially the 10 Principles. This, hopefully, got a lot of people thinking.

Sunday Eric MakerFaire 03

We also met some who had gone to Burning Man, but didn’t know a Wisconsin Regional existed. We talked to them about camping with us in Snowflake Village on the playa.

Sunday Eric MakerFaire 01Eric took a spin around the Expo Center on the Golden Electric Surfboard.

Saturday Don MakerFaire 03

Lots of people were interested in the art and asked about how things worked. Don discussed the mechanics of his Quad Bike to many people interested in building their own.

Sunday Eric MakerFaire 05

Don and Marilyn let people test out the Quad Bike, and they even rode it around the Expo Center a few times.

Sunday Marilyn and Eric MakerFaire04
Sunday Marilyn and Eric MakerFaire02

We wrapped up the event with some shenanigans. We hope to go back next year and share the playa with Milwaukee.

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