2014 Decompression

What a great burn last night! Brian Shubat created a fantastic effigy that was perfectly designed in both beauty and function. It looked great before it burned, painted a bright orange, with jagged ribs, pointed ears that stuck out, a halo of “fire” above his head, and an evil grin that looked ripe for destruction. And then when it was lit on fire, the bright orange flames shone through the ribs and lit up that malicious face, with white smoke pouring out from every orifice. When the flames shot through the head, it was a tremendous amount of fire! The flames were so big and bright, they were almost white and seemed over 20 feet tall. The crowd had written their wishes on slips of paper and put them in the ear of the man, so when he burned up, all our wishes were burned up, too, and cast out into the ether. When it finally died down somewhat, the crowd paraded in a circle around the fallen man while others gave a loud drumbeat on the compost barrel.

It was a great Decomp, with such good Burner friends arriving all night long, old and new faces, and great conversations happening in each room. I met an ontologist! I got to meet new folks who have never been to BMan but want to go, some folks who went for their first time this year, and longtime Burner friends to catch up with and reminisce. Eric played some footage from the burn on the big screen, and some us even talked about plans for next year. It’s never too early to start planning for the next Burn!

Your Wisconsin Regional Burning Man Contacts, Eric and Marilyn, want to thank everyone who came last night – you truly made this one of our best Decomps ever. So many people in costume, such wonderful Burning Man stories, and the telling of the jokes! That was hilarious, thanks to everyone who stepped up to the microphone to share their wacky sense of humor.

Thanks to our lovely Glow and Fire Conclave dancers, you’ll see slo-mo video of them on our Facebook page today. Thanks to all the many, many, many people who brought treats to eat – our tables were so full of food we had to do some overflow into the kitchen. And the beverages came in hot and heavy; we piled them in the bar and Just Don did a great job handing out the drinks. If we get this much food and drink at Saturnalia next month, we’ll definitely have to set up more tables to hold it all.

Speaking of Saturnalia next month, it will be on December 20th. We’ll get the sign up page ready for that asap. We’re hoping to have the band Uncle Larry play for us that night, and the rumor is they will be body painted all in gold for the occasion! We’ll bring back the Roman-esque drinks, The King of Misrule, the Socrates Café, the Horse Races, the poetry of Sappho, and all the grapes, olives, figs, dates and fertility cakes you can eat. Wear a crown of leaves and vines, or come dressed in your favorite toga, we’ll watch another great Effigy burn and see if we can get the Muses dancing again!

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