SnowFire LogoIn 1997 two Milwaukeeans, Wulfgar and Niacin, saw their first fire performance at the famed Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Since then, they have perfected their art and banded together with other talented artists who have gone on to form SnowFire affiliated groups such as Brewcity Fire Bridage and the Flame Fatales. SnowFire members include Russian Wulfgar, Blazer, Vegalumé, Banshee, Fire Pixel, and Donnybrook.

2010 Pridefest Fire Sirens 01

Dancers in the SnowFire troupe specialize in Poi, Hoop, Ropes, Fans and Staff. They have combined each of their crafts to compose stunning performances that never fail to impress. Our professional staff of dancers are dedicated to safety and will customize their costumes, music and dance style to match any theme, party or event. Contact SnowFire today to book fire dancers for your next event. We will help you design a quality five star performance that your guests will always remember.


is a spectacular art form increasingly practiced in cities around the world. Fist-sized flaming spheres are whirled around the body in complex patterns.


Fire hooping is both thrilling and beautiful as hoops with flaming torches are rotated around and off the body.


Fire Staves may be or long or short rods that have flaming wicks on each end. They can typically be used individually or in pairs.


may include Rope Darts, Fire Fans, Palm Torches, Headdresses, Fire Sticks, etc.

The Brewcity Fire Brigade includes Mr. Fahrenheit, Methyl Ethyl, Halligan, Firephly, LynFerno, Morella DeCay, Zahzah.

The Flame Fatales include Thaiphoon, Neseal, Madame Inertia, Blushes. Sarah Kordsmeier is the Flame Fatales’s resident videographer/photographer.

Other SnowFire members include Lisa Granica, Jeanette Daft, and DJ Drake. Emeritus SnowFire members are Jen Muecke, Amy Nowag, and Jessica Lang.